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Eurojuris International

In order to best advise clients, who are acting on an international level, we attach great importance to cross-border contacts and relationships. Our membership of Eurojuris International allows us to cooperate with other leading law firms abroad. This cooperation enables us to offer our clients fast and competent legal assistance in cross-border cases in Europe.

Eurojuris is the leading network of law firms in Europe, covering 650 different locations in 19 countries. Its members must fulfil high-quality standards. They must possess the requisite language skills and international experience.

Each country has its own national Eurojuris association whose members are usually medium-sized, independent and well established law firms, which satisfy the Eurojuris selection criteria.

For details see www.eurojuris.at and www.eurojuris.net.

Standort Wien
Seilerstätte 18-20/3.OG
1010 Wien
Tel.: +43 (1) 879 85 75
Fax.: +43 (1) 879 85 78
Standort St. Pölten
Europaplatz 7
3100 St. Pölten
Tel.: +43 (2742) 35 35 75
Fax.: +43 (2742) 35 26 78
Standort Kirchberg
am Wagram

Marktplatz 8
3470 Kirchberg/Wagram
Tel.: +43 (2279) 27 385
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